Bridging Finance – Commercial

In addition to providing development loans, Development Finance Ltd can provide short term bridging finance. A bridging loan can provide you with the extra finance you require to start your development and we can then provide you with a development loan to enable you to complete your project.

We can offer bridging loans of between £150,000 and £500,000, straight from the lender, and your payments will be interest-only until you redeem the bridging loan. If you do not wish to make monthly interest payments, you may be able to roll the interest to the end of the loan.

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A bridging loan is essentially a very short term mortgage, and like a mortgage the bridging loan needs to be “secured” over property. The security can consist of any type of property or land in England, Scotland or Wales.

Bridging loans can also be used for a variety of other purposes:

• Business Funds – your business needs short term working capital.
• Auctions – purchasing commercial property at an auction.
• Temporary Cashflow problems – when you require cash urgently.
• Tax Liabilities – finance those unexpected tax payments.
• Property Development – for building commercial and industrial units.
• Land Purchase – with planning permission.
• Property Refurbishment – upgrade your business premises.
• Buy-to-let – purchase commercial property as a high yielding investment.

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