Kingsland Estates

The conversion of the B listed Gymnasium, which is part of the Carberry Estate, was our second development project with Kingsland Estates.

The Carberry Estate is situated in Musselburgh just 15 minutes from Edinburgh City Centre and the property once belonged to a member of the Royal Family. The clients obtained funding from Development Finance Ltd in order to convert the Gymnasium into four houses and successfully sold two out of the four off plan within less than one month of the properties being marketed. The clients are now well into their third development project with us which is another conversion project on the same estate - please see the link below to view marketing details:

Comments from Kingsland Estates

“We at Kingsland Estates have worked closely with Development Finance Ltd for almost four years as they have partnered with us on two of our developments. We have found the entire team to be thoroughly personable and highly professional. Development Finance Ltd embody so much of what is good about honest and respectable British companies, with the added benefit of being very relationally intentional. The net result is a service that is informed, secure, fast and accurate and driven by a passion to see successful profitability and growth between all parties. From our first contact with them back in 2011 to our most recent phone call earlier this week, the team in Glasgow are an absolute pleasure to do business with and they are and will remain, our first choice for Development Funding.”

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