Development Finance Ltd get record enquires at FSE-Glasgow

Development Finance Ltd has reported record enquires from FSE-Glasgow. The financial services expo which was held on Wednesday 4th March at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow was a huge success for the Glasgow based lender.

David Levitus from Development Finance Ltd commented “we’ve had a huge number of enquires at the show, as Scotland’s premier lender on finance for developments, lots of brokers spoke to us regarding financing building and renovation projects”.

David also hinted about a new product Development Finance Ltd will be launching later on this year “we also spoke to a few brokers about a new specialised development funding product we will be launching early Summer 2015 and the feedback we had was fantastic… this space”.

Development Finance Ltd can arrange development funding for every type of developer or small builder. Offering quick decisions, flexibility and unbeatable personal service for small-scale residential and commercial developments.

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